The Pantokrator-Kamarela Monastery is not funded by Holy Metropolis of Corfu and is currently a self-sufficient skete.
Therefore the Metropolis is not entitled to send a priest to the Monastery and pay the salary (according to the local regulations priests are considered as civil servants in Greece).
Those priests who volunteered to conduct services at the Monastery without any payment are allowed to serve when they get the blessing from the local bishop. Usually they are retired or not on permanent staff (nonsalaried).

At the moment the Monastery has two priests.

Father Theodor Cursaris born in 1933 is an honoured archpriest. By the time he started serving in Kamarela Monastery he had been a priest in different Corfu churches for over than 60 years. He has been serving in Kamarela Monastery for 15 years so far.

Father Anthony Vitvitskiy born in 1971 is a Russian priest who moved to Corfu where he was received as priest not on permanent staff to the Metropolis of Corfu (without parish and payment). He was ordained a priest in 1995.
Father Anthony is there for Russian speaking pilgrims to confess and to have a conversation. Phone number can be found in “Contacts”.